Dennis I. Barrett programming • math • data


Hi there! I’m Dennis Barrett, hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa.

During my initial university years, I immersed myself in mathematics, both pure and applied, as well as computer science. This led on to a MSc1 and PhD2 in geometric control theory and nonholonomic Riemannian geometry, respectively. I then spent a couple of years doing postdoctoral research in nonholonomic Riemannian geometry and the geometry of homogeneous spaces.

After my postdoctoral studies, I transitioned into industry, working as a consultant—now Tech Lead—at Business Science Corporation. In this role, I’ve gained experience in, and an appreciation for, data analysis/science/engineering, analytics engineering, and software development.

My interests are many and varied, spanning the gamut of mathematics, programming and computer science, and data. I hope to share some of these interests on this blog and via my Data Dispatch channels.

You can view my full CV here. My other profiles are listed below.

  1. D.I. Barrett. Invariant optimal control on the three-dimensional semi-Euclidean group: control affine and quadratic Hamilton-Poisson systems, 2013 (MSc thesis). 

  2. D.I. Barrett. Contributions to the study of nonholonomic Riemannian manifolds, 2016 (PhD thesis). Available from here