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Data Dispatch

Data Dispatch

Data Dispatch is a channel for disseminating useful and interesting content about all things in the data landscape: data engineering, data science, analytics engineering, data analytics, data visualisation, etc.

The content is currently available via two channels, viz. X/Twitter and WhatsApp:

I ultimately see it expanding to some other channels though, for instance LinkedIn.

Data Landscape Artist’s rendition of the current data landscape.

Content-wise, I started Data Dispatch as a sort of newsletter, in which I can share articles of interest that I’ve come across (since I read a lot). It currently still follows that model. My ultimate goal, however, would be to also create original content (some of it via this blog, but other content could live directly on the various channels).

I keep an archive of Data Dispatch postings on this site, which you can find here. This is only periodically updated, so check the X channel for more recent posts.