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Action–Position Data Quality Assessment Framework

💡 This is a Data Dispatch post.

First up is an article about data quality (ever the bane of my existence):

Written by Yerachmiel Feltzman, the article proposes a framework for describing approaches to data quality in terms of their action (what happens in the event of a DQ problem) and their position (where the DQ checks actually take place). An example is the write-audit-publish pattern used by Netflix. Here the DQ checks occur after writing data (e.g., to a staging location) but before publishing it to end users, and the action in the event of a data problem is to fail the pipeline.

I do a lot of ETL/ELT-type work in Databricks, and I naturally started implementing similar patterns in my work before I knew about this framework. But having them crystalised in this way is very useful, and has helped me formalise and clarify the approach I take to data quality handling.