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Data Dispatch

Data Dispatch

Data Dispatch is a channel I’ve recently created (in September of this year) for disseminating useful and interesting content about all things in the data landscape. I’m talking topics from data engineering, data science, analytics engineering, data analytics, data visualisation, and so on. Maybe some software development and dev-ops too, so long as it’s data-adjacent.

The content is currently available via two channels, viz. X/Twitter and WhatsApp:

It started as a WhatsApp channel—shortly after Meta launched the channel feature globally—but I quickly added it to X as well. I ultimately see it expanding to some other platforms though, for instance LinkedIn.

Data Landscape Artist’s rendition of the current data landscape.

Content-wise, I started Data Dispatch as a sort of newsletter, in which I can share articles of interest that I’ve come across (since I read a lot). It currently still follows that model. My ultimate goal, however, would be to also create original content (some of it via this blog, but other content could live directly on the various channels).

I’m also not interested in only posting new articles. I often come across older articles that pique my interest, and I’m assuming that others will benefit from these too. This will also prevent trend-bias, like I’ve noticed in some email newsletters I belong to: almost all recent content is AI- or LLM-based, because that’s what’s trendy now.

Go check it out, and let me know what you think! If you’d like to submit articles for consideration, then I’d be interested in that too. You can reach me on X (@_data_dispatch_).